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There has never been a more important time to focus on childrens' health, fitness and well-being. With childhood obesity and inactivity on the up, your school can play a huge role in promoting an active lifestyle.

Organising PE PPA Cover through your local team of sports specialists offers you the opportunity to:

  • Deliver all the strands in the PE National Curriculum
  • Have all lessons planned, delivered and assessed by experts
  • Gain invaluable time during a busy school day
  • Promote cross-curricular links
  • Support all students' needs
  • Extend learning about healthy eating
  • Foster a positive attitude to physical activity

As soon as you get in touch with Sheffield-based School PPA Cover Ltd, your pupils can hit the ground running.

Call Helen Hawes on 01909 779795 or email an enquiry here to find out more about how School PPA Cover Ltd can support your school.

Experience the Difference an England Coach Makes

Think what your pupils could learn from being coached by a top British sports woman.  Sheffield based School PPA Cover Ltd is headed by Helen Hawes, a current player in the England rounders team.

Her extensive experience from coaching elite players to teaching children of all ages, as well as training, teaching & coaching staff means your school benefits from an unbeatable PPA cover package.   And, at less than the cost of a regular supply teacher!

Backed by a unique combination of talent and educational expertise, Helen works on developing the skills and performance of every student in her care.

As Helen values excellence, she ensures all staff in her PPA cover team are either ex-professionals or highly qualified level 2 or 3 coaches. This means your students will learn from the best!

Advantages of Professional PPA Sports Cover Staff

Unlike other PPA cover agency staff, these Sheffield-based sports specialists:

  • Develop individual skills and performance
  • Engage pupils using a variety of approaches
  • Pitch lessons at the students' correct level
  • Incorporate progression and regression into lessons
  • Promote SMSC links (social, moral, spiritual and cultural)
  • Ensure all school policies are adhered to

Whether your pupils are gifted and talented or have special educational needs, this unique PPA sports team can accommodate every pupils' needs.

Promote Health in all Sports PPA Lessons 

As School PPA Cover Ltd supports the 'Healthy Schools' programme,  its skilled team has expertise in:

  • Motivating students to be more active
  • Promoting healthy eating
  • Supporting students' emotional well-being
  • Encouraging team spirit and improving peer relationships
  • Developing concentration levels, therefore improving learning

So, not only are your students' physical skills strengthened, but their concentration skills are being enhanced too ... whatever their ability.

Better concentration levels means better results!

Range of Sports Coaching Available

South Yorkshire's PPA sports coaching experts can deliver structured PE sessions for all the main National Curriculum sports. These include:

  • Striking & Field Sports
  • Net & Wall Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Athletics
  • Games

Helping to Develop Good Practice

Through School PPA Cover Ltd's sister company, Sportsolutions, both students and teachers can now benefit from a variety of coaching courses.

From primary and secondary schools, through to FE colleges, Sport Solutions offers a range of individually tailored courses to enhance skills and performance.

Either book online or call Helen Hawes today on 01909 779795. Let South Yorkshire's School PPA Cover team help get you off to a flying start!