PPA Cover

School PPA Cover Ltd

Streches Your Budget Further





Unlike traditional supply teachers or cover supervisors, School PPA Cover Ltd staff:

  • Save you time and training costs
  • Cost nearly 50% less than supply agency teachers
  • Provide lesson plans and schemes of work
  • Offer breakfast, lunch and after school clubs

Organise reliable PPA Cover today by contacting Helen Hawes on 01909 779795. Or email your enquiry here.

How School PPA Cover Ltd is Different from the Rest

When you arrange for School Cover PPL Ltd to deliver Key Stage 1 and 2 PPA lessons, your staff benefit from:

  • More time, as all lessons are planned by subject specialists
  • Continuity, as you can buy and implement schemes of work
  • A reduced workload, as assessments and reports are taken care of
  • The security of knowing the students are in professional hands
  • Less behaviour issues, as the PPA team have vast experience of managing children
  • Guaranteed cover if regular staff are unable to attend

Whether you want supply for a day, a term, or contracted for a year, you can be assured your pupils will thrive when South Yorkshire's premier PPA cover team support them with their learning.

Use PPA Time to Make Every Child Matter

How do you make PPA time a rewarding experience for your pupils? With the constant drive to meet targets, implement new initiatives and deliver government directives, you rarely get the chance to think about developing new PPA strategies.

When you need to:

  • Find flexible skilled PPA cover staff
  • Ensure curriculum continuity
  • Stay within budget
  • Plan ahead to ensure PPA time is covered
  • Meet core strands of the National Curriculum
  • Provide stimulating, progressive lessons

South Yorkshire's School PPA Cover Ltd ticks every box and more.

Find out how this professional PPA team can solve all your cover problems, by calling Helen Hawes on 01909 779795.