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Yorkshire's PPA Cover Specialists...

Unlocking Student Potential





As PPA cover is a statutory requirement, wouldn't it make sense to use this curriculum time as an opportunity to extend the learning experience of your pupils?

School PPA Cover Ltd is a team of South Yorkshire-based subject specialists, dedicated to planning and delivering structured PPA cover lessons. Backed by over 10 years experience of working with schools and teaching young people, you can be assured of the most professional service.

School PPA Cover LTD's Commitment:

  • To plan and deliver exceptional PPA Cover
  • To provide high calibre specialist staff
  • To ensure continuity of curriculum delivery
  • To liaise with staff at all levels
  • To support the 'Every Child Matters' initiative
  • To promote independent learning
  • To uphold your school's objectives

Meeting your Commitment to Learning

At the heart of this PPA supply company, is the enthusiasm to give something extra to every child and school. From writing reports and promoting school objectives, to liaising with dinner ladies and monitoring pupil progress, School PPA Cover Ltd helps your students achieve. And, takes the pressure off your teachers' workload.

As soon as you arrange for our team to supply PPA cover, your students will experience a fresh, new approach to learning.

When you need skilled supply staff, call the PPA Cover team today on 01909 779795 or email your enquiry here.